DJ/Emcee Entertainer Employment Information

This is not a stereotypical boring "standing there pushing buttons" position. This is a high energy, involved entertainer position suitable for those who want to be the life of a party, have fun, and entertain the guests at weddings, sweet 16s and much much more. 


Job Requirements 

Actually Outgoing and fun

As you will be the center of attention at events, you must be able to be the center of attention. (Imagine that!)  You will emcee, talk on the mic, dance with grandma and have a grand old time! 


You must be 18 years old or over to be hired for this position. Because of the driving rules and regulations we have this standard to assure our staff are safe. 


You must have a vehicle you can use at any time. Your job would require you to drive to different work sites and without a vehicle we cannot hire you for this positon. 


When are events typically held?  Weekends! Without friday, saturday and sunday free to work we are unable to consider you to work.


This job is a part time position. We hire staff to work events. Sometimes, events are not booked. While we do 40-70 events a month, there will be times you will be off. Keeping in mind other times, you will have a full scheudle

Additional Requirements 

  • Overall understanding of music
  • Overall understanding of crowds and behavior
  • Ability to lift up to 50-60 lbs
  • Confidence in driving in personally unfamiliar areas 
  • Punctuality
  • Outgoing and friendly 

Our Cultuire 

We are a fun, energetic team with lots of laughs and personal connections. We are all friends and do this on a part time basis. This is a fun job with extra great money to be made! 

We care and love what we do. With the added benefit of a professionla family to lean on! 

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