Company Faqs

Who Do you hire to work my event?

Our owner Richard personally hires, screens and mentors all employees before working a high class function you are looking for! We only use our W2 EMPLOYEES insuring the top quality your guests deserve! Our staff is never contracted out and you will always have a Starshield Member entertaining your guests. Our new DJs in training also will do special "training" jobs at a highly discounted rate to clients (they of course know this is happening) so they have real world experience and are able to improve! This is how you train and maintain a fantastic staff

What is the booking process?

We require 30% down (we accept credit cards and you can make payments as you go) and you would need to sign your contract. Dont worry!!! Its very easy with your online planning, payment and management system.

Planning and will you meet with us?

Of Course! We will be in contact about 4-6 weeks before your event to review all the major AND minor details of your affair. We dont care if its a simple backyard party or a high scale wedding we want you to be comfortable and we do this by using the planning tool and walking through the plan. (If you dont need a meeting simply let us know when we contact you)

Equipment Backups?

We bring backups of all cables and what we call "High Risk" items. Meaning everything that has history of having an issue we bring with us such as cables, music players and some lighting!

What about insurance? Do you have it?

Starshield Entertainment and Photobooths is insured under the National Association of Mobile Entertainers. We have up to $1,000,000 liability for each event and can provide our insurance certificate as requested.