Richard - Owner/DJ Entertainer/Personality

Richard started his company back in 2012 while finishing up his masters at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He worked part time as a DJ while in school, learned the trade through his boss and used his experience as a creative outgoing outlet. He quickly became one of the top requested staff members and continued through his college career.

Rich understands that success is not only in the detail planning all successful entertainment companies possess but the understanding that anything able to go wrong absolutely will each and every time.  (Don't worry, we plan for all of them)

"I take pride in the fact I take personally each person or organizations event. If you are not 100% happy I will actually become upset and I don't enjoy that so I make sure everything will be perfect!"

Kevin - Event Consultant/DJ Entertainer/Personality

Kevin can be described as the class clown. He will absolutely charm grandma, grandpa, your mom and the entire crowd. His personality is second to none and he enjoys working for you.

He is our event consultant and will be your primary point of contact through the planning stages and if you are lucky, you may even get him as your DJ! 

"It doesn't matter what event you have me at, I will give you 100% of me because at the end of the day if I look back and realize I didn't, It will make me feel like I let you down even if you still had the time of your life"

Angie - DJ Entertainer/Personality

Angie was hired instantly at her interview. Her outgoing personality and charm made Richard feel confident in making he decision on the spot and the never regretted the decision.  Angie is an entertainer at heart and if you don't find her working an event she is hosting her own party and creating fun activities for her own friends and family. She is a gem to have at your wedding or backyard pool party because she genuinely loves what she does and it absolutely shines through her face and personality. 



Matt - DJ Entertainer/Personality

Matt goes into any event with a positive outlook and a "get it done" attitude. Do not put it past him to do what he has to do to at least get you stomping your feet. Matt shows his love for the business by his dance moves and his crowd engagement. He typically kicks it back at sweet 16's but does all events and knows the right music for the right people. He does exactly as he is  asked and even though he is thrown into crazy situations he always replies with an "okay boss" and goes out and makes a fool of himself to get some laughs! 



Niles- DJ Entertainer/Personality

Fun Fact! Niles and Matt grew up together and have been life long friends!! Niles is one of the die hard Starshield Staffers he actually works the most events out of anyone each year and his personality and dance moves is what makes him one of a kind. He loves music of all eras and genres which makes him dynamic and fun! 


Tom- DJ Entertainer/Personality

Tom is a very fun outgoing person. He has no problem talking to anyone and coming up with conversation. His roots are in clubs with EDM but knows a wide variety of music and a lot of activities for certain events.


Andrea "Annie" B.

Alicia V.

Viktoria S.

Becca V.