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I’m Magi, the owner & main photographer at Mkcaptures. I love being able to share in the love of two individuals and I feel honored and blessed to have found a career in capturing such and important and beautiful day. Based out of Ocean City, NJ, I've been shooting weddings for over 7 years!Get comfy as your browse my work; I love feedback and questions!

 Meet Magi! Award winning photographer

Meet Magi! Award winning photographer

Starshield Endorsement 

Magi has worked along side Starshield Entertainment since we met in May of 2014. Her beautiful personality and stunning images captured my attention. Being in the business for almost 9 years I never saw any pictures quite like Magi's and MKCAPTURES. I typically do not work with "contract" personnel and actually pitch that to my clients when booking. However, her images, sheer love for the business, and wonderful easygoing attitude forced me to make an exception. 

Being the only contract company we work with I am proud to say Magi is the ONLY photographer that I recommend to my clients. .

we work together out of sheer love for the business we have no monetary benefit as business partners..

I know you will love her! Make that investment in the right photographer to capture your Love, Light and your wedding day memories

-Richard Rockelmann Jr
Owner - Starshield Entertainment