Founded by award-winning DJ and Emcee Richard Rockelmann in 2012.  Starshield Entertainment is one of the most respected and largest all around entertainment company in southern New Jersey

"It is my goal and passion to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your big day. I do this with my ability to work with each clients individual needs and see past what they explain to me. My experience and my personality goes a very long way when it comes to insuring your day is perfect. Millions of variables go into making your wedding, event, mitzvah or sweet 16 perfect. I can't guarantee that each and every one of those variables will come out without a hitch. However, I can say you and all of your guests WILL go home with a smile on your face. My Staff is like my family because I take the time to train each and every one of them personally to inherit my traits. My personality is what put this business on its feet and its imperative my staff embody, execute and deliver many of the things I do at each wedding. When choosing an entertainment company or even a photo booth service consider the drive behind the company and the passion of the owner. If the owner is not directly involved with almost everything, something is not right. My heart and soul is in this company I implore you to explore what we are about!"

-Richard, Owner