Who are we? *Starshield Roots*

Starshield Entertainment is one  Entertainment Company of thousands.  

Yes I said it, we are similar to everyone else but we are so, so, different.   We are a small group of individuals, who are retail workers, college students, government employees, car salesmen, stay at home workers and the most important of all, family and friends.

Our staff consists of everyday people who LOVE entertaining and having a good time. You see, to us this is FUN AND EXCITING and we enjoy going to the events and literally becoming part of the fun. 

Starshield Entertainment is about grandma, the uncle who is too shy to come out on the dance floor at your wedding and the little boy or girl who has been excited about their party for 6 months prior to the big day. 

 DJ. Angie having fun at a kids event

DJ. Angie having fun at a kids event

I go to have fun, I wake up and i get excited about my next event. Yes, packing, setting up and all has its moments but overall I love the people
— Angie, Staff Member Since 2015

We are family owned and operated! (Yes we know 80% of these companies say this) but for real though!  I employ my mother full time because I know she can put a personal touch on speaking to clients that I am not always able to do. When I first started this company I rememberd everyones names, dates and details and I accredit our success to that fact. Debbie, is able to do so as she engages with each call and takes time to connect!

Our staff consist of everyday people like mentioned above but these "everyday people" are trained by the very personality that got the business off the ground,.... (me - not to sound egotistical lol ) I vet and train everyone before going to your event to insure top notch quality. Even better..? Our staff are W2 EMPLOYEES we do not contract our staff because if we did so we could not guarantee the quality, dependability and service standard we offer