Well "we are...."

The title above explains it perfectly. We have people from all over the tri-state area calling in and asking specifics about their events. The most common questions that would finish the title are:

  • " WE ARE having a same sex wedding, are you okay with that?"
  • " WE ARE doing things differently, would that be an issue?"
  • " WE ARE, (any type of culture or background), can you accommodate?"

The "we are," or in other words, who "you are" is what makes you, well, you. There is no judgement and it is not our business to have an opinion about you or your family. The bottom line is this: we love you for who you are and would love to cater to your individual needs. Over the years we have done dozens of same sex affairs, multicultural events, so on and so forth. We pride ourselves on embracing the diverse and the traditional.  Our standard is to actually listen to understand what our clients need and we execute them!