Pricing Structure and Explanation

Everyone has a set budget and a $ value to keep within. Each service and each company for that matter has different price points for thier service. We start off providing you the most affordable price with the best experience possible.  

I know what you are thinking 'yeah yeah everyone says that.'  

Well, the fact of the matter is, we mean it.   We can have 4 DJ events in one day and 8 photo booths out at one time as well. We have a phenomenal team that keeps this well oiled machine running and running appropriately including but not limited to:

  • A full time Event Consultant 
  • Warehouse managers 
  • Equipment auditors
  • Autimation systems
  • Online Planners

I am not naive to say that we are the best, but I will never say that we settle. What I mean by this is that my company, and how I manage my staff and equipment is personal!  I take things to heart which is why if something goes wrong it messes up my day, week and even month. So, I take precautions which are including but not limited to:

  • NEW REPLACEMENTS of old equipment (not repairs)
  • Hours of re-training sessions and tests of employees
  • Employee company Secret Observers 

We are priced where we need to be to be able to provide the outstanding service that we provide. Discounts provided on our services means that something of monetary value (dollar amount) will be removed from a package. 

As a company we work too hard to discount our already affordable work, time and expertise.

There are companies that charge hundreds more for the same service that we have and there also are companies that charge nothing for their services which will not include any of the above amenities in which I listed. 


We carefully crafted our pricing and are proud to let you know that our pricing structure is as affordable as possible for the quality of service that you will get

Should you have questions about this please reach out to me directly!

Richard W.
Owner, Operator and Manager